Immigration Law Practice at the Galloway Law Firm

Naturalization and U.S. Citizenship

There is truly no greater moment for an immigration lawyer than to witness a client taking the Oath of Allegiance and therefore becoming a naturalized United States citizen. At the Galloway Law Firm of Ponte Vedra Beach, PLLC, we are dedicated to assisting our naturalization clients prepare for the naturalization interview. Our mission is to prepare accurate paperwork and to examine the supporting documents carefully before they are submitted to USCIS. By doing this, our clients can focus of studying for the civics, reading and writing portions of the naturalization interview with the peace of mind that their paperwork is completely satisfactory. 

Adjustment of Status to Permanent Resident (Spouse)

One of the most complicated aspects of U.S. Immigration Law is helping a family member adjust their status to a lawful permanent resident. At the Galloway Law Firm of Ponte Vedra Beach, PLLC, we have assisted many spouses of U.S. Citizens adjust their status to a lawful permanent resident. The law currently provides an exception for unlawful presence (i.e. visa overstay) to those who have had the questionable fortune of falling in love and getting married after their temporary visa status expired. This can be a scary time for both spouses because everything is riding on getting their immigration situation on track. While there are exceptions to this exception, it is often possible to help the spouse acquire conditional permanent residence and taking the burden of not having status or employment authorization off of their minds. 

Family Based Immigration

The foundation of every immigration law practice is usually Family Based Immigration. Congress has categorized family relationships between the petitioner and primary beneficiary. The U.S. Government processes family based immigration petitions based on the category of visa being applied for. There are specific rules for derivative beneficiaries as well as for unmarried children who are turning 21 years old . Some petitions many be filed at USCIS International Offices while other petitions must be filed in the United States at a USCIS Lockbox Facility. Once the petition is approved, an immigrant visa application is generated at the National Visa Center. The last stop is the U.S. Embassy or Consulate at the beneficiaries country of chargeability where an immigrant visa interview is conducted by a Consular Officer. At the Galloway Law Firm of Ponte Vedra Beach, PLLC, our mission to give our clients the peace of mind that a professional immigration lawyer will handle their relative's case from start to finish and handle all aspects of the case in a timely and organized manner. 

Removal of Conditions on Permanent Residence

Perhaps the most unique and often misunderstood requirement in U.S. Immigration Law is the removal of the conditions on permanent residence. For spouses who have been married for less than two years prior to obtaining permanent residence through family based immigration, they must contact USCIS within the 90 day window before their two year conditional residence card expires. This can become a stressful time for families because their marital relationship is being reevaluated by USCIS. Complications arise when the spouses have separated or become divorced. At the Galloway Law Firm of Ponte Vedra Beach, PLLC, our priority is treating our clients with dignity as we evaluate evidence of their a bona fide marriage. We often include affidavits from friends and family to give a personalized touch and words of support and encouragement. 

Fiancée Visas, Non-Immigrant Visas and Asylum

Employment Based Immigration Petitions

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