Civil Litigation

Civil Rights

The U.S. Constitution and federal laws  describe the rights of persons within the  jurisdiction of the United States. Unfortunately, sometimes a need arises to bring a valid civil action for the deprivation of rights under 42 U.S.C. § 1983. The law distinguishes whether the plaintiff is bringing a lawsuit to redress damages (i.e. suit in equity) or to prohibit continued unlawful treatment (i.e. injunctive relief). What differentiates Civil Rights actions under § 1983 from other torts (i.e. defamation, battery, false imprisonment, etc.) is that the defendant is under the color of law and in some cases is a government official, such as a prison guard, police officer, or municipal worker. Excessive use of force allege that a government official used more force than was reasonably necessary to achieve a safe outcome. If you believe that your Civil Rights have been violated, or are being being violated, please do not hesitate to contact our firm for legal assistance. Our firm can be reached at 904-708-7353. 

Business Disputes

Florida and federal law have listed several regulations and causes of action available for when business transactions go awry. Most business law cases involve a reasonable dispute between two parties who have entered into a contract for goods or services. Contracts can be formed orally or by execution of a written document. The amount in controversy will affect whether the case is heard in County or Circuit Court. Breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and fraudulent misrepresentation are common business-related causes of action that may be alleged. Sometimes companies, business associates, and even family members will enter into a contract and fail to perform their obligations under said contract. Whether your position is that the other party has breached the contract to your detriment, or that you have been unfairly accused of breaching a contract, our firm can help you understand your rights and obligations. Our firm can be reached at 904-708-7353.   

Personal Injury

The Galloway Law Firm of Ponte Vedra Beach, LLC usually represents our personal injury clients on a contingency-fee basis. A contingency-fee basis means that the attorneys' fees are paid on a fixed percentage from the recovery. In the event that there is no recovery, the client is not obligated to pay anything for attorneys' fees. Personal injury cases focus on establishing and proving negligence. At our clients' initial consultations, our firm will examine the duty of care, if any, that the defendant owed to the plaintiff at the time of the injury or loss. Factors that should be considered when calculating injury and loss includes medical bills, time spent away from work, pain and suffering, and emotional damages. Another factor when determining the amount of the injury or loss, if any, is whether the injury is permanent (i.e. causing disability or disfigurement) or superficial. There is also a classification system for damages (i.e. general and special). Our firm can be reached at 904-708-7353. 

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